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Question by: Meenakshi K , Post Date: February 25, 2018

Where to get ishtalinga box in Bengaluru?

I intend to take deeksha, but would like to know where I can get the box for ishtalinga in Bengaluru.
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Answer by: Amitkumar Zampa, answered on: Sep 10, 2019

Sharanu Sharanarthi , I wish to know Science and Philosophy behind Isthalinga , Which things are necessary to follow for Isthalinga Deeksha.
Answer by: Meenakshi K, answered on: Jul 20, 2018

Thank you.
I couldn't get it from Basava Mantapa, but did find it nearby.
Answer by: Shivshanker Cheral, answered on: Mar 7, 2018

You can get it in any jewelary shop of silver ishtalinga box ask them "karadagi". Or you can get it in the
Basava Mantapa, Rajajinagar, near Navarang theatre Bangalore.
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