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Basava in Literature


Basavarajadevara Ragale

This poetical work was written by Harihara of Hampe

Basava Puranamu

This is another work, noticed previously, relating to the life and achievements of Basava, in Telugu. Its author is Palkurike Somanatha who was conversant both with Telugu and Kannada, hailed from Andhra region.

This work was rendered into Kannada more elaborately by Bhima Kavi in 1369 A.D. It contains the entire core of the original with more descriptive details added to it. This Kannada Basava Purana has gained sanctity and popularity as a standard biography of Basava.

With the revival in the fifteenth century under the patronage of Vijayanagara monarchs more Puranic works in Kannada on Basava along with other Sharanas and this religion and philosophy were written during the subsequent centuries. Few of them lested below.

  • Sivatattvachintamani of Lakkanna Dandesha (1450 AD)
  • Prabhulinga Lele of Chamarasa (1430 AD)
  • Singirajapurana (1500 AD)
  • Chennabasavapurana of Virupaksha Pandita (1584 AD)
  • Vrishabhendravijaya of Shadaksharadeva(1677 AD)
  • Sivatattvaratnakara of Keladi Basavaraja in Sanskrit (1707 AD)
  • Chorabasavacharitre of Sankara Kavi (1763 A.D.)
  • Basavapurana of Piduparti Soma in telugu, (1700 AD)
  • Basavesavijaya of Nagabhushana Kavi
  • Nandi Agama of Vira Sangayya (18th Century)
  • Trishashtipuratana-charitram (16th Century) Telugu.


1. Dr. P.B. Desai, Basaveshwara and his times, Basava Samithi, Basava Bhavana Bangalore. 1968.

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