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Kudala Sangama/Koodala Sangama

Kudalasangama (also written as Kudala Sangama, Koodala Sangama) in Karnataka, India is an important center of pilgrimage for people of the Lingayat religion. Kudalsangam the place where the great social revolutionist of 12th century lord “Basavanna” was studied, preached & merged with GOD. The Krishna river , Ghataprabha and Malaprabha rivers merge here and flow east towards Srisaila (another pilgrim center) in state of Andhra Pradesh. The Aikya Mantapa or the holy Samādhi of Basavanna, the founder of the Lingayat faith along with Linga , which is believed to be self-born (Swayambhu), is situated here. The Kudala Sangama Development Board takes care of the maintenance and development of this place.

* Kudala Sangama Sukshetra is in Bagalkot District, Hunagunda Taluka, at the confluence of two big rivers Krishna and Malaprabha

* It is just 8 Kms from Sangam cross on the National Highway No. 13. Hunagunda, Iilkal, Bagalkot are nearby towns and many buses ply from these places to Kudala Sangama.

* Kudala Sangama is an Old Shaiva Kshtra mentioned in Shivapuranas Sri Sangameshwara being the main deity. In 12th century this holy place shone with full glory, with a big educational centre of Kalamukha tradition.

* It is here Lord Basava, the great prophet and socail reformer for educated, had revelation and preapred the blue rpint of a new religion. Later on it is here he spent his last days and became lingaikya-merged with God.

* Sri Sangameshwara Temple, Lord Basaveswara's holy Samadhi (Aikya Mantap), Basava Dharma Peeetha's Mahamane Campus are the places worth seeing.

* On the other side of the river Krishna is the holy samadhi of the lady saint Neelambike, wife of Sri Basavanna.

How to get there:

Nearest Airport: Belgaavi (Belgaum), 188 km

Nearest Railway station: Almatti (Dam), 31 km

Road distances: Koodalasangama is well connected by road NH-13 (8 km from NH-13 Road)
Bangalore by NH-4 and NH-13: 450 km
Goa, by Belgaum-Bagalkote Road: 300 km
Solapur by NH-13: 196 km
Bijapur by NH-13: 92 km
Bagalkot by SH-133: 46 km
Hungund by NH-13 and SH-133: 21 km
Ilkal by NH-13 and SH-133: 33 km
Basavana Bagewadi: 30 km

Kudala Sangama Photo Gallery

A Great Annual Religious Congregation

Sharana Mela at Koodala Sangama on the Occasion of Basava Kranthi Day, 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th of January every year.

Kudala Sangama is a holy religious centre and a piligrim-place to the followers of lingayath religion at which place the great founder-prophet of this Faith Sri Basaveswara left his devine body through icchamarana (death at will by yogic way) and became one with that absolute reality like camphor melting in the fire. As such the followers and lovers of his religious decided to congregate here at Kudala Sangama once in a year on the Makara Sankranti day which normally falls on the 14th January.

The first historical Sharana Mela took place in 1988, on January 15th attracting more than three lakhs of people from different corners of not only Karnataka but from all over India. The second and third Sharana Mela (congregation) arranged on January 14th respectively in the years 1989 and 1990 proved to be more result oriented with greater success

Sharana Mela which resembles the Huz is attracting more and more followers of Basava Philosophy year after year. Without any distinction of caste, creed, class and sex, the followers of Basaveswara gather here, pray the Almighty, glorify with gratitude their prophet-founder, Basava and recite Vachanas scriptures - which form their canonical scripture. the over all spectacular view of the congregration, where the wearing of saffron scarfs on white uniform by the sharanas is a special feature beyond description, is quite inspiring. Shrana Mela which is conducted on the Basava Kranti day (Makara Shankranti) i.e normally on the 14th of January is an annual feature of perennial nature.

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