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Arivina Maarithande

Full Name: Arivina Maarithande
Pen Name (Vachana Signature): Sadaashivamurtylinga

Like water and earth uniting to become a pot
the Chit and Shakti united;
you becoming my Ishtalinga stood before me.
You became the resting place of my will,
A boat to carry me across all the organs that I carry
and helped me to cross the ocean of worldliness.
The very personification of truth
O, Sadaashivamurtylinga, without disappearing be in my body
.[ Vachana No. 1432] [1]

An enlightened vachana writer with more than a hundred vacanas to his credit, Arivina Mritande was a follower of Basavanna. He was held in high respect by Basavanna and other Sivasharanas, he was regarded as a father figure among the Sivasharanas. Arivina means enlightened. To go with the reputation of being enlightened, Arivina Mritande must have been more enlightened than any other devotee.

Light in stone,
Heat in flame,
Taste of juice in fruit,
Pleasure of the happy will,
The great light is seen in the true linga,
The Sadashivamurtylinga.
[Vachana No. 1440] [1]

If grass and grains are given to the milking cow
One can see the increase of milk.
Like that, if the action is pure
and mind, words and body are pure
the thing increases,
the light that destroys untruth is seen
and the joy of union with Sadaashivamurtylinga.
[Vachana No. 1439 [1]

309 vachanas are available under the signature Sadaashiva Moorthilinga. As the prefix in his name indicates a lot of importance is given to awareness. Also issues relating to guru- linga-janganna- prasaada- shaiva- veershaiva are discussed. Many vachanas are in the form of riddles.


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