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Basavalingadeva (ಬಸವ ಲಿಂಗದೇವ)

Full Name: Basavalingadeva, Basavalingadevaru
Pen Name (Vachana Signature): Matpraananaatha Mahaashriguru Siddhalingeshwara


my life soul
lusted with desire for land.
My inner soul
wilted away yearning with desire for woman.
My supreme soul
lost its luster and withered caught in the snare of gold.
My purer soul
got crushed to powder in desire for wealth and grains.
My knowledge soul
perished struggling in the pond of desire
for father, mother and kin.
My individual soul
got caught in shackles of desire
for brothers, sisters and sisters in law.
In the company of these sluggish souls
I have lost my truth.
o guru, what will become of me now?
o Sri Gurulingajangama
Hara Hara Shiva Shiva Jaya Jaya
Karunaakara Matprananatha Maha Sri Gurusiddhalingeshwara.
[Vachana No.2438] [1]

Basavalingadeva (c.1700, Post Basava Age) was a disciple of Gurusiddhadeva who belonged to the tradition of Tontada Siddhalinga, was from Haradana Halli. 36 of his vachanas have been traced under the signature Matpraananaatha Mahaashriguru Siddhalingeshwara. These have been compiled under the heading Mahaajnaniya Sarvaparityaaga Sthala in the work Chidaishwarya Chidaabharana.

if you search me
you will not find the smallest grain of virtue.
If you enquire
you will find me guilty
of crimes the size of seven seas and seven islands.
do not consider my crimes.
Look on me with mercy, save me.
0 most worshipful form of the transcendent
Guru lingajangama
you are known in the seven worlds
as the forgiver of crimes,
Hara Hara Shiva Shiva Jaya Jaya Karunakara
Matprananatha Maha Sri Gurusiddhalingeshwara.
[Vachana No.2439] [1]


[1] "VACHANA" English Version Translation by: O.L. Nagabhushana Swamy, ISBN: 978-93-81457-12-2, 2012, Pub: Basava Samithi, Basava Bhavana Benguluru 560001.

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