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Karasthalada Mallikaarjunadeva (ಕರಸ್ಥಳದ ಮಲ್ಲಿಕಾರ್ಜುನದೇವ)

Full Name: Karasthalada Mallikaarjunadeva
Pen Name (Vachana Signature): Paramaguru Shaantamallikaarjuna.


He who has no awareness within
what avail is it to have action without?
it is like the life of a blind man.
He who has no action without
what avail is it to have awareness within?
It is like the light of an empty house.
The awareness within and action without
the two must become one.
It is said
antarjnana bahikriya yekeebhavo visheshatah.
He who has awareness within
and action without
is bhakta
is maheshwara
is prasaadi
is pranalingi
is sharana
is himself our Paramaguru Shaantamallikaarjuna.
[Vachana No.1598] [1]

Karasthalada Mallikaarjunadeva (c.1409-1447 Post Basava Age) has compiled a work called Brahmaadvaita Siddhaanta Shatsthalaabharana. His teacher was Shaanthesha belonging to Karasthala tradition. Four of his vachanas have been found with the signature Paramaguru Shaanthesha. They contain the criticism of those who do not have faith inlshtalinga and those who are immersed in the family life. Those who lack inner wisdom but only show off are equally subjected to harsh treatment.

Father, can one cut an ice block
from the ocean, build a house and live in it?
Can one store the camphor in the fire
in a box with its fragrance,
apply it and enjoy?
Can one capture the fragrance in the breeze
and string it and wear it on the hair?
Can one fill the mirage in a pot
bringing it, cook with it and eat?
Knowing your nearness, merging
and in elation the great Shiva-yogi
who forgets himself, for him
are there other re-births
Paramaguru Shaantamallikaarjuna!
[Vachana No.2215] [1]

Looking at one’s wife and pleasing her,
looking at one’s sons and feeling happy,
forgetting the self in one’s intelligence,
what do I say about those who are
thoughtlessly carrying about their family life
Paramaguru Shaantamallikaarjuna?
[Vachana No.2237] [1]


[1] "VACHANA" English Version Translation by: O.L. Nagabhushana Swamy, ISBN: 978-93-81457-12-2, 2012, Pub: Basava Samithi, Basava Bhavana Benguluru 560001.

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