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Nageya Maarithande

Full Name: Nageya Maarithande
Pen Name (Vachana Signature): Aaturavairi Maareshwara
Kāyaka (Occupation): humour artiste


Like a thief scattering rice,
spreading a net and catching sparrows,
learning words about non-duality,
Spreading goods of Sanskrit words before oneself,
Throwing them like worms to catch fish, what speech is this?
Just a deceptive curtain of words
Aaturavairi Maareshwara.
[Vachana No.1806] [1]

Nageya Maarithande was a humour artiste. As his name suggests, his kayaka was making others laugh (entertainer). He used laughter as a weapon to satirise the Sanskrit knowing high-class Brahmanas who used Sanskrit as bait to catch simple folk by deceit. Priests had monopolised Brahmajnäna. So sharanas resented it and revolted against the priestly class which exploited the ignorance of the common people.

Nageya Maaritande slashed at the priestly class vehemently. The comic mask which he wore was meant to hide his serious purpose of correcting the conduct of hypocritical priests. His vachanas are simple but pregnant with criticism. His 101 vachanas with the signature Aaturavairi Maareshwara are available. His vachanas are marked by clever conversation, allusions and comparisons which entertain the listener’s. His humour conceals spirituality.

If a guru has no quality,
why should be he let the others to salute him?
If linga has no quality,
why should it be worshiped at dawn, noon and evening?
If jangama has no caste,
why fight jangama is upper caste or not?
What shall I say for this?
Guru is caught in worldliness.
Linga is caught in features.
Jangama is caught in caste.
Speaking and speaking like this
do not ask if it is good or bad,
or desire to win arguments,
Aaturavairi Maareshwara.
[Vachana No.1808] [1]


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