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Full Name: Neelgangambike (a.k.a. Nilambike,Nilamma, Nillochane)
Pen Name (Vachana Signature): Sangayya


Do not exult in gain, do not be vexed in loss.
O heart, console yourself,
Gain is not in your hands, loss is not a matter of your will.
All happiness, all pleasures are as Sangayya wills.
[vachana No. 1316] [2]

Nilambike (Nilamma, Nillochane, Neelgangambike)

Nilambike (Nilamma, Nillochane, Neelgangambike) was Basavanna’s wife, daughter of his maternal uncle Baladevarasa, Baladeva. She supported her husband in all his revolutionary projects whole-heartedly and stood by him in all critical moments. In her intellectual calibre, Nilamma was equal to Basavanna and wrote Vachanas that speak volumes for their ideal conjugal relationship.

It is learnt that she had a son called Baalasangayya and that he died at a young age. She has called herself Vichaarapatni or intellectual wife of Basava.

Basava was merged with god in Kudalasangama on the (bank of) joining place of Krishna and Malaprapha rivers at Kudalasangama. On the next day Basava's demise, she also merged with god on the other side of the river. Known as Tangadige. Tangadige is a combination of two words in Kannada. Tangi (tangi = sister) adagi (adagi = to conceal one’s self, to disappear or vanish).

There is no shade to be found in a leafless tree.
There is no light to be found in a burnt out lamp,
There is no form to be found in a disfigured idol,
There is no sound to be found in Basava in whom sounds are no. more,
in Sangayya, I became a bodiless soul, blessed
. [vachana No. 1317]

Seeing Parvathi’s beauty in me,
thinking I am united with Shiva
he did not unite with me.
Becoming like mother and son
body lost, gaining a body without burdens
through the experience of Basava
I became an intellectual wife, Sangayya.
[vachana No. 1318]


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