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Prasadi Bhoganna

Full Name: Prasadi Bhoganna
Pen Name (Vachana Signature): Channabasavannapriya Bhogamallikaarjuna


If I want to see the truth through philosophy
it is like mirror in the hands of a monkey-
shows nothing but what I do, and no other quality.
If I want to call you in the hills and caves it is just a call.
As much faith as I have
Channabasavannapriya Bhogamallikaarjuna is that much. / 1826 [1]

Prasadi Bhoganna was a Sharana who was probably a contemporary of Guru Basavanna and lived in Kalyana during the 12th Century.

Researchers have not been able to get much background information about Bhoganna, but they have uncovered 104 Vachanas which are attributed to him. He wrote Vachanas under the penname “Chennabasavanna Priya Bhoga Mallikarjuna”.

By studying his Vachanas, one can gather that Bhoganna was a “Shivanubhavi” as he has written extensively about the completeness of a “Bhaktha’. He has also explained the Shatsthalas and Linganga Samyoga in his Vachanas. Many of his Vachanas are about the ultimate stage ‘Aikya Sthiti”. Besides exploring various concepts of ‘Veerashavia Tatwabhodhne’, Bhogann’s Vachanas are full of praise for Guru Basavanna, Chennabasavanna, Sidharamaiah, Pradhudevaru, Madiwala Maachaiah and other Sharanas.

Devotion is root, detachment is tree, knowledge is fruit.
When the fruit is ripe it is knowledge-limited.
When it leaves the stalk it is knowledge-unlimited.
When it is tasted it is knowledge-internalized.
When the pleasure becomes itself it is knowledge-divine.
When the divine light is not abated it is knowledge-cotplete.
As Channabasavannapriya Bhogamallikaarjuna is measureless
You cannot say it is the body of the Thing. / 1827 [1]

[1] "VACHANA" English Version Translation by: O.L. Nagabhushana Swamy, ISBN: 978-93-81457-12-2, 2012, Pub: Basava Samithi, Basava Bhavana Benguluru 560001.

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