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Full Name: Urilingapeddi
Pen Name (Vachana Signature): Urilingapeddipriya Vishweshwara


Lingavanta desires those who are without linga
then he has no linga.
One who doesn’t have linga is not worthy.
No one loves the unworthy, no one gives him anything.
That’s why,
give up greed, be desire-less,
Take refuge in linga and you will have prasaada.
With prasaada you have all attainments of this and other world,
Urilingapeddipriya Visveshwara.
[Vachana No.1579] [1]

Urilingapeddi was basically given to thieving. After becoming the disciple of Uriuingadeva he grew into a redoubtable scholar and a mystic. He has written many good vachanas. Kalavve was his wife.

After Uriligadeva he seems to have ascended the seat of his mutt. It was a resolutionary incident as he belonged to the untouchable community. Several lingayat mutts in Karnataka headed by untouchables are all called Urilingapeddi Mutts.

Does a baby that feeds on breast milk desire sugar?
Does one who has parusha search in ashes for gold?
Does a devotee who is engaged in daasoha desire for salvation?
These three have no other desire.
Just as salt is natural taste
feet of linga is natural pleasure, Urilingapeddipriya Visveshwara.
[Vachana No.1590] [1]

366 vachanas with the signature Urilingapeddipriya Vishweshwara are found. He has given supreme importance to the greatness of guru. The issues perfaining to linga-jangama principle and caste-community distinction are dealt with in them. The abundant use of Sanskrit phrases within the vachanas reflects his scholarship.

Can day be without sun?
Can light be without lamp?
Can one search for fragrance without flower?
Without the manifest the un-manifest cannot be seen.
Linga shows the Thing, Urilingapeddipriya Visveshwara
[Vachana No.1588] [1]


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