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Question by: Reena Thorat , Post Date: December 01, 2015

Which will be my religion after marrige?

Basically by Birth I am Hindu-Maratha but I got Married on 13th March 2012 with Raghvendra Katap And he is Hindu-Lingayat at the time of our marrige. But Now lingayat is a Separate Religion. So Please tell me who am I? Still Hindu- Maratha or now I become a Lingayat?
Because his father says they are Lingayat- Veershaiva. But on my Husband birth certificate it hasn't mentioned. They also do not have any document who stated they are or was belongs to Veershaiva.
Please guide me.
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Answer by: Shubha S, answered on: Oct 5, 2017

Sharanu sharanarthi. Veerashaiva and lingayat, even though sometimes mentioned together, are different from each other with beliefs and practices, and discussion is going on regarding this. However, legally you belong to your father's caste and your children belong to your husband's caste. You have all the right to practice religion of your choice., except legal recognition. Whether your husband recognises himself as veerashaiva or lingayat be known only after legal declaration by govt. Till then he is known as both.
Answer by: Kiran Savadi, answered on: Mar 9, 2016

Dear Mam,
If you want to know legally as to what your religion would be, than it would be still considered as Hindu. There has been a request going on to recognise Lingayat as a new religion but as per the constituion and law, it has not yet been implemented. However, if you are asking about daily practice, it is totally up to you as to which practice you want to follow.

Answer by: Basavaraj Handi, answered on: Jan 6, 2016

The one who practice Lingayat religion is a Lingayat.

Answer by: Apparao Hawanna, answered on: Dec 3, 2015

The word Lingayath contains two terms first one is ' Linga ' + the second one is 'Aayat.

Who is Lingayata? As explained by Poojya Mataji in her papers prepared for "Symposium on Indian Religion: held at London, which is altogether printed in her book called "Lingayathism" - See more at:
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