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Question by: Kiran Savadi , Post Date: March 09, 2016

Queries on Veershaiva Philosophy

Dear Members,

I had certain queries on Veershaiva philosophy which I wanted to discuss with some Lingayat Swamiji. Is there any Swamiji who can answer my queries? If so, can you please provide the contact address. If there is any email contact, it would be very helpful.

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Answer by: Shubha S, answered on: Oct 5, 2017

Sharanu sharanarthi. Get clarification about shaiva (smartha)- veerashaiva-lingayatha.while discussing.
Answer by: Shivshanker Cheral, answered on: Mar 14, 2016

Yes you can discuss with Chennabasavananda swamiji Bangalore,
find the details:

Basava Mantapa, #2035,
20th main, IInd block, Rajajinagar,
Bengaluru 560 010 Karnataka. India
Phone +91-080-22923736, 23131476
cell: 9343834911 (Sharanappa B Lingayat) Call and get swamiji details.
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