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Question by: Sriram Rajendran , Post Date: December 30, 2017

Caste Marriage

I am a Hindu, I am avid follower of lord Shiva, Me and a Lingayat girl are in Love but her Mom is not approving for marriage just because I am not a Lingayat.

I heard stories about basavanthappa from my mom during my childhood., Anubhava Mantapthpa equal rights for all from all cultural backgrounds.. I don't know how to say this to them.. they dont even want to see my face..

Is there any books i can take as reference and speak with them stating that to them. Thank you. My apologies for this silly question in this forum where it helps people to realization of god.
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Answer by: Shivshanker Cheral, answered on: Jan 19, 2018

refer these pages:
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