Lingayat Holy Scripture Vachana Sahithya

About Vow and purity All time is good Each day is good
Annihilation of caste Annihilation of caste-Madivala-Machideva
Annihilation of caste-pride Annihilation of caste-pride-Basava
Annihilation of caste-Siddharameshwara Annihilation-of-caste-Allamaprabhu
Annihilation-of-caste-Ambigara-Chowadayya Annihilation-of-caste-Basava
Annihilation-of-caste-Chennabasavanna Attack on scriptures and Brahmins
Attack-on-scriptures-Basava Attack-on-scriptures-Chennabasavanna
Be part of Company of Sharanas Belief about Taking bath in holy water
Body itself a Temple Concept of GOD in Lingayat
Concept of Ishtalinga Correct yourself (Do not worry about others)
Equality and Importance of Work Everyone has to do their own puja themselves.
Gender Equality in Lingayat Human Equality in Lingayat
Lingayat believes only in Vachana scriptures Lingayat Dharmaguru Guru Basavanna
Lingayat does not believe Brahma Vishnu and Shiva Lingayat does not believe in Heaven, Hell
Lingayat does not believe in Horoscope (Panchanga) Lingayat does not believe in piligrimage
Lingayat follows Monotheism Lingayat rejects five pollutions
Lingayat Religious scripture Vachana Sahithya Lingayat supports marriage
Sharanas are brave they do not fear to tell the truth Sharanas need to recognise and greet

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