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Question by: shivabasappa rudrappa , Post Date: December 26, 2017

lingadeva controversy

while basavanna said kudalasangama deva, prabhu said guheshwara sharanas haven't coined a single term for the almighty god why some are forcing us to use lingadeva? how right is it?It should be left to individuals.
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Answer by: Meenakshi K, answered on: Jul 20, 2018

I personally don't use lingadeva (actually I think guheshwara is the most accurate general term), but I also understand why they use lingadeva: it's mainly to distinguish from the mythological shiva and to create one coherent term rather than making it sound like multiple deities to people who don't know better. Think of it as a way of putting terms in simple language, so that even a child can understand.
If mataji wishes to use it for the sake of perpetuating basava dharma, I don't see the problem in that. But I personally think it's individual choice.
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