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Question by: Ale G , Post Date: December 12, 2021

Mate Mahadevi's books

I was gutted to know Mate Mahadevi passed away as I was keen to get to know her character better. To do so, I have been searching for her English books online, but I couldn't find a lot around the web.

Do you know any good indian eshop that I can reach out to in order to get some of her texts? I live in London.

Many thanks
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Answer by: Ale G, answered on: Jul 11, 2023

Yogesh, nice to hear from you.

Brilliant - thanks for the link, very useful!
I wish there was a way to contact you directly on here. Would love to connect IRL!

Answer by: Yogesh K S, answered on: Sep 15, 2022

Hi Ale!

May I please know if you were able to find Mate Mahadevi's books?

I could find a couple of books on AbeBooks website but they seem very expensive -

I am currently based in London too, studying in one of the University located in Bloomsbury, Central London. I may travel to India around Christmas, and can try to find her books if you still need them. Please let me know.

Kind regards.
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