BAYALU (Space): [ಬಯಲು]

Bayalu (space) is a term, which refers to Paraśiva in his unmanifest or pre-creative stage. Paraśiva of this stage is also called śūnya, Niśūnya, Paravastu, [ಶೂನ್ಯ, ನಿಶೂನ್ಯ, ಪರವಸ್ತು] etc. Three reasons may be advanced why śūnya should be called Bayalu or Cidbayalu, or Cidākāśa.[ಚಿದ್ ಬಯಲು, ಚಿದ್ ಆಕಾಶ]
1. All things, including the biggest conceivable thing (e.g. big star), are in space and, therefore, space is bigger than all things put together, which it covers. Similarly, since according to the Vachana-writers Paraśiva is all-inclusive and allpervasive, He also should be called Space (Bayalu). However, the Bayalu that includes the world is physical, while Paraśiva who includes the world and the physical space is Cidbayalu (Conscious space).
2. Clouds, dust, etc. which are temporary phenomena do not pollute the space or its original nature. Similarly the things, which are normally regarded as wicked or filthy, cannot pollute or change the original nature of Paraśiva, the conscious space.
3. We can never know empty space without reference to physical objects in it, while we can know empty space surrounded by objects. The empty space surrounded by objects can be described as triangle, rectangle, etc. but the space in which there are no objects at all is neither triangular nor rectangular nor of any other shape; neither small nor big. In short, it cannot be described. Similarly, Paraśiva in whom there are no objects, i.e., Paraśiva in the śūnya stage in which only the infinite consciousness exists, is totally beyond description.

BHAVI: [ಭವಿ]

The Lingayats believe that those who are born in or embrace Lingayathism get mōkṣa [ಮೋಕ್ಷ] (final liberation) in this life itself and, therefore, will have no rebirth. They further believe that the non-Lingayats do not have this advantage. They have to be reborn. Those who are reborn are called BHAVIS (those who have rebirth). If one wants to avoid rebirth one must accept Lingayathism or by religious merit in this life will have to be reborn as Lingayat.

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