SAṂSARA: [ಸಂಸಾರ]

The word 'saṁsara' means 'the world where the individual soul moves from one life to another’. The individual, according to Lingayathism, is pure in his original state, and such an inseparable part of Parashiva. However, because of ignorance, he has forgotten his real nature and has come to believe (wrongly) that he is separate from Parashiva and that sensual pleasure is the goal of life. In order to satisfy his sensual desires he involves himself in all kinds of acts, which only push him to rebirth in which he enjoys or suffers the consequences of those acts. In order to acquire pleasure and to avoid misery he again acts in various ways, which only ensure his rebirth. This chain of rebirths and redeaths is called saṁsara.

For a Lingavanta there are innumerable previous births, but since he is expected to follow all the Lingayata teachings, he attains liberation in this life and therefore comes out saṁsara.

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