Basavana Bagewadi

Basavana Bagewadi in India is an important center of pilgrimage for people of the Lingayat faith. It is located in Bijapur district of Karnataka state. This is the birth place of Basavanna, the founder of the Lingayat and is therefore an important center of pilgrimage for Lingayats.

Basavana Bagewadi, which is situated 43 kilometers from Bijapur, is the birthplace of Saint Basaveshwara. Basavana Bagewadi in Bijapur is dotted with temples. The temples are rich in architecture and are exquisitely carved. This place is flocked by devotees throughout the year. They visit many temples here and appreciate the scenic beauty that the place offers. These attractions are a must see on your Bijapur tour.

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Some of the important places for sightseeing in Bijapur, which lie in close proximity to Basavana Bagewadi are:

  • Aihole
    Aihole is located 110 kilometers from Bijapur and features more than 125 temples. The popular temples here are Hutchmalli Temple, The Konti Temple Complex, The Uma Maheshwari Temple, The Jain Meguthi Temple, The Ravalphadi Cave Temple, and the two-storeyed Buddhist Temple.
  • Badami
    Badami is located 120 kilometers from Bijapur. The most important tourist attractions of this region are the Museum, which was established by the Archaeological Survey of India, and Bhutannatha Temples.
  • Pattadakal
    Pattadakal, which is located just 134 kilometers from Bijapur, is a World Heritage Center. The place features 10 important temples which represents early Chalukyan architecture. The most significant temples here that are a must see on your Bijapur tour are the Mallikarjuna and Papanatha Temples.
  • Kudala Sangama
    Kudala Sangama is a small hamlet that overlooks the sacred confluence of the rivers Krishna and Malaprabha. The temple of Sangameshwar in that region is a must see.

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