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Origin, Development and Activities of Basava Samithi, Bangalore


I. Origin:

Basava Samithi, which has been in the forefront in propagating Basava Philosophy of Life and the Teachings of other Contemporary Sharanas of 12th Century across the world, came into being a way back in 1964 with the efforts of the Founder President, Former Vice-President of India Dr. B.D. Jatti.

Basava Samithi was set up by Late Dr. B.D. Jatti, Former Vice -President of India in 1964, with a view to propagating the Sharana Culture i.e. wishing well of all living beings irrespective of their caste, colour and creed has been on the forefront of propagation of humanitarian values for development of personality ever since its inception.

The objectives for which the Basava Samithi stands are the re-integration of the Sharana Culture that is wishing well-being of all human beings, in the light of modern knowledge and to suit our present day needs and the resuscitation of its fundamental values in their pristine vigour.

To be more explicit, we seek to make the comparative study of the philosophy and religion of Basava, Mahaveer, Buddha, Christ, Shankara, Ramanuja, Madhava, Nanak, Gandhi and others. We also seek to do research work of the life of Basava and his contemporaries and to publish their biographies in Kannada, English and other languages. Basava Samithi seeks to promote understanding and amity between different communities of the worlds by expounding the humanitarian teachings of Basava.

II. Development:

Basava Samithi has been growing day by day eversince its inception in 1964. The growth of Basava Samithi has been a rapid one as if it has not seen its infancy stage. The important events which are to be written in golden letters of Basava Samithi history are summarized as below:

(i) Padayatra from Hampi to Basava Kalyana in 1966 (From 1st April to 24th April):-

A historic padayatra was undertaken under the auspicious of the Basava Samithi from Hampi (vijayanagar) on 01-04-1966. Before the commencement of the Padayatra, Sri S. Nijalingappa, Chief Minister of Mysore laid the foundation stone of the 'Shri Prouda Devaraya Mantap' in the gracious presence of his holiness Shri Jagadguru of Chitradurga. Sri Jatti, Chairman of the Samithi bid farewell to the padayatries who proceeded to Basava Kalyana, under the leadership of Shri Shri Shivakumar Swamiji of Sarpabhushanmath and Sri Vishwanath Reddy Mudnal. The Padayatries were given warm reception on their way to Kalyan. Thousands of villagers participated in the procession. Everyday speeches, Bhajans, Shivakathas, Lavanies, music and folklore were arranged during Padayatra. There was unprecedented enthusiasm, joy and zeal among the villagers. The Padayatries covered a distance of 300 miles in 24 days and they reached Basava Kalyan on 24th April 1966. Sri B.D. Jatti and Sri Anndanayya Puranik and other important members participated in the Padayatra. The Padayatries were given rousing reception at Basava Kalyan. Hundreds of persons became the members of the Basava Samithi and a sum of Rs.1,59,382 was collected from membership and donations during the Padayatra. It was an unique and unparalleled event!

(ii) 8th Centenary Celebrations of Sri Basaveshwara (From 1967, December 26th to 1968-December 31st)

Under the joint auspicious of the State Government and Basava Samithi, 8th centenary celebrations of Shri Basaveswara was conducted on a very grand scale with great enthusiasm and zeal throughout India from 1967 December 26th to 1968 December 31st. From the President of India to the peasant, all kinds of people belonging to different faiths and philosophies participated in the celebrations.

(iii) Construction of Basava Bhavan and Anubhava Mantapa:-

The State Government was pleased to grant a site measuring 4299 sq. yards situated at High Grounds, Bangalore to Basava Samithi on a lease for 99 years in 1967. We are grateful to the State Government for this! Basava Bhavan was constructed on the said site at a cost of about 10 lakhs. The building was ready for occupation in 1971. Donations of about 2 lakhs were collected for the construction. His Holiness Shri Jagadguru of Chitradurga Brihanmath blessed the construction by donating Rs.25,000/- We are thankful to His Holiness and the philanthropists who have donated substantial sums. In order to discharge the debt, three floors were let out to Govt. offices keeping the cellar floor for the office of the Samithi. In 1988, two more floors are added to existing building by spending about 20 lakhs. Now the Six storeyed Building "Satasthala Bhavan" has enhanced the beauty of the area.

Basava Samithi Basava Bhavan
Sri Basaveshwara Circle,
Bangalore-560 001
Phone : 080-22265505, 080-22259400
Tele-Fax : 080-22355953
Email Id:

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