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Lingavantha Dharama (Lingayat Religion)

-Konda Basava Raju

Rtd Gazetted Head Master,
(National Award winner 1999)
1-6-40/7/B, “Guru Krupa Nilayam”,
Palsabgutta, Mahaboobnagar-509 001. AP, India.


Lingayat Dharama

  • Lingayat Dharama is independent religion founded by Prophet Basavanna (1134-1196) of 12th Century. Prior to him since from thousand of years and even until now Shaivas and Veerashaiva's of Hindu religion worshipped Shiva in the shape of Panvata Linga where as Vaishnavas worship in the form shape Vishnu and his Avataras. As much, Shaktyas and down trodden people worshipped Shakti idols in the temple and its smaller size in the houses, they treated Lingayat form shape Shiva (Shankara) who is one thrimurthies (Braham-Vishnu-Maheshwar)
  • Basava who is a messenger of supreme God (Parmatama) like Jesus Christ, Prophet Mahamad, and Gurunanak founded and Introduced Istalinga (Universal shape Linga ) which is a symbolic formless God i.e. Supreme God. Thus new religion exists in 12th Century Called as Lingayat Religion which is quite different from Hindu religion which was prevails in Indian Sub-continent.
  • Those who wore Istalinga irrespective of caste, creed or sect were called Lingayats who followed Basava tatva and worship Istalinga , treating it as symbol of Paramatma (Supreme God).
  • Idol worship and Vinayaka worship before all important occasions prevails in Veerashaiva practices who follow Agamas But Lingayats worship only their Istalinga for the nivarana of vignas they chant Dharma Guru Basava’s name instead to worshipping Vianayaka deity, Lingayat religion based on Vachana Literature.
  • Though evolves from Hindu, Lingayat Dharma is independent like Jain, Buddha and Sikh Dharmas which also evolve from Hindu religion.
  • The important aspect is one who wore Staling covered by white colored cloth or putting it in silver of other Petika and wore on their body, and who follows Basava Tatva strictly were called as Lingayats and not the one who was born as Lingayat and who worship Idols.
  • Basava’s important sayings are that “the earth on which all will or well is the same, and he water used for rites and other routine purpose is the same”, “All are born out of the same womb, and the soul is the same in all human beings”, “Castes are nothing but occupational groupings”.
  • Temple culture exists in Hindus priest perform rituals in temples there is no wrong if priest perform his duty as Kayaka , if he adopts Basava tatva inner. Basava Says body itself is temple. It should try to bring change in youths who are not aware of Basava Dharma and in eradication of evil practices of society. Among Hindus Lingavanta Dharmis only are not idol worshippers. Any body who follow Basava (Lingayat) dharma strictly and travel step by step of Shatsthala will become Devine man who always live pleaserly and it the end his soul easily unite with the Supreme soul. Hence Basava Dharma is treated as heavenly gift to the mankind.


Personal and Publications Details

Name: Konda Basavaraju S/o Veerappa Konda
Academic Qualifications: B.Sc, B.Ed, (LL.B) from Osmania University Hyderabad. P.G.D ADR from Nalras University Hyderabad.
Profession: Ancestral Agriculture, Retired Gazetted Head Master (National Award winner 1999) and social worker
Religious Associations Established: 1) Viswalingayat Parishad (Reg No 832/1998)
2) Akkamahadevi Smaraka Kendra Trust (Reg No 108/2003)
3) Basava Mission International
4) Vishwa Linga , Vishwa shanty Ashram
Other Association Established: 1) Nandishwara farmers forum (Reg No 3662/1990)
2) Nandishwara Literary Forum
Books written (Telugu language) 1) Vishwa Guruvu Basavanna (1997)
2) basava Vachanamrutamu (2001)
3) Basava Dharma Parichayamu (2003)
4)Mahatma Basava (2005)
5) Nitya Patana Basava Vachanamulu (2005)
6) Basaweshwara Charitamu (2007)
7) Basava Dharma Darshini (1998)
Books Translated from Kannada to Telugu: 1) Vachana Sangamamu (1991)
2) Lingayata Dharma Darpanamu (1994)
3) Istalainga Rchana (1994)
4) Nenahu-Jnapika (1999)
5) Basaveshwara Puja Vartamu (200)
6) Samuhika Prarthana (2005)
7) Lingayata Dharma Saramu (2006)
8) Vishwa Guru Basavanna (2008)
Worked as: Editor and Publisher VISHWA GURUVU TELUGU BI-MONTHLY MAGAINE (RNI Regd No. APTEL/2006/20397)
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