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Run on Parallel Lines!

✍ Sharana Shri: D. P. Prakash


Sharanas's Greatest Contribution

Sharanas's greatest contribution lies in infusing rational thinking and scientific temperament into our way of life. They taught us not to accept anything which does not stand the test of nature. Their contribution encompasses internal as well external domain of our life.

One should be aware that if there is an effort to create a cult out of a religion, then the religion is defeated and there will be displacement of ideals and ethics. If same thing happens to Lingayath religion, then there will be some forces which try and establish hegemony over the original preachings of Sharanas. Only those who have understood the crux of the religion, will survive but rest will succumb to the twisted and perverted version.

Our proverbial tragedy is that we have not connected completely with the original preachings of Sharanas. Therefore, there have been umpteen number of establishments, which have found Plethora of ways to thrive under our ignorance. One thing we must remember. Vachana literature is so simple yet needs our dedication and perseverance to decipher what Sharanas have said. When this is absent establishments try and play around with the sentiments of people. Just imagine a situation, where in all Fathers in Christianity preach differently and try and press for their supremacy, what will be the condition of the followers?

Likewise we have so called gurus (except those who have dedicated themselves), who have interpreted some of the ideals and principles of our religion in their own ways. They have become islands having their own followers. We have heard that in politics if people remain to be ignorant, the bad politics thrives. Same thing holds good in religion too! Bad gurus thrive! These forces keep their followers ignorant of true preachings of Sharanas. And many times they bring in some priestly practices in the garb of Lingayat practices.

Vachanas cannot be deliberately made simple. Those are the vehicles of intense revelations of Sharanas. Nevertheless, Vachanas can be interpreted in a simple way. Beauty of a Vachana is that it can be made understood by a child with simple explanation and the same Vachana can also be a source for a mature individual to pursue the path of salvation! That's the depth of spiritual intensity of each Vachana.

Vachanas have remained to be available in one language for centuries. In 21st century, efforts have been made to make Vachanas available in other languages. People who are well aware of the precepts of our religion, are educating their children about preaching of Sharanas. If there is coherency in what we understand and practice, the next generation will be an empowered one with their life styles entrenched in the ideals of Sharanas.

If our every day activities are encompassed by the essence of these preachings, then Vachanas will become our life line. Otherwise, they will be parallel lines running along and we pass our life just by looking at, not having wisdom to run on those!

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