Jangama is one who is endowed with the true knowledge, sacrificed his life for the soceity, and avoided all the worldly happiness and attained the divine happiness.

Jangama , a Sanskrit word, etymologically means that which moves. When this word applied to a person, in the context of Lingayath religion, it symbolizes a man who moves from place to place preaching moral and religious values.

The two main categories of Jangama are

1) Sthira

2) Chara.

Sthira Jangama:
is a person who, staying in math (mutt) i.e., a Lingayath monastery, has to carry on mass education, preaching to the local people, and giving them the necessary guidance to achieve spiritual progress, and to perform certain rites and rituals concerned with birth, marriage, death, holy communication on special occasions etc.

Chara Jangama is one who constantly moves around, preaching as he goes, without settling himself at any particular place and without accumulating any property of his own.

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