Om Shri Guru Basavalingaya Namha


I offer my Sharanu Sharanarthi to all sharan'a we all know that Lingayat’s are using Om Shri Guru Basava Lingayanamha chant, but most of the people don’t know the meaning, intention of the hymn. This is a small effort to explain the same.

This hymn is conatined 12 lettered chant. This is very holly chant of the Lingayat religion. Meaning of the chant is I bow to the GOD Lingadeva who is the reason for Generator, Organizer and destroyer. Second half of says I bow to the Guru Basavanna the representative of Omkar.

Om is common to the both parts of the hymn. Shri guru Basava is related to Basavanna and Lingaya is related to the Lingadeva the representation of the creator. Guru Basavanna is like mother to the religion and the creator God is as father. The hymn om sri guru basavalingaya namha is constructed with both.

Chennabasavanna gave a very beautiful vachana saying in this regard

If called father, can’t he reply?
If called mother, can’t she reply?
O Lord Kudala Chennasangayya
I got oneness by saying Basavalinga Basavalinga Basavalinga.

Our sharana call GOD specially as Basavalinga, basic mean of the chant is, bow to you Guru Basavanna the Representative of the GOD representative of the God.

Request to all the sharana’s, while printing the invitation of wedding, house blessing, conference and etc, it would be more meaningful and relevant if print the chant Om Shri Guru Basavalingaya Namha as first line instead to print the names of the subtle gods.

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