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Rudraskhi symbolizes the opening of the inner eye that witnesses the truth. The holy seeds of Rudraksha tree, originally from the Himalayas.


Uses of Analyzing Rudraksha:

1. If we know the Properties of a Real Rudraksh, we can easily eliminate Fake ones. We can also find Best Rudrakshas. This is the first use.

2. Chemical and Biological properties of Rudraksha are very much useful in Rudraksha therapy. We may not prove the Spiritual effects of Rudraksha with them. But, they tell us the logic behindTherapeuticeffects of Rudraksha.

3. Ayurveda, Siddha vaidya and some Local remedy systems of India have described the usage of Rudraksha in many diseases. But, they require substantial scientific proof. That can be obtained by these tests.

4. Rudrakshas are very much useful in controlling Mental illnesses. Some studies are suggesting the Magnetic effects of Rudraksha as a reason for this.

Rudraksha Physical Properties:

Specific gravity for Rudraksha is above 1.05. This rises up to 1.70 depending upon the dryness of Rudraksha and also type of Rudraksha bead. If the moisture content is more, the Rudraksha may also float on water.

PH value for Rudraksha is above 4.82. Rudraksha is basically acidic. But, the acidity is also dependent on many factors. Nuts from Unripe fruits are more acidic.

Rudrakshas have Powerful Electro-magnetic and Para-magnetic inductive properties. Each variety of Rudraksha beads shows different effects. These effects are used for positive results in Neurophysiology and Psychiatry.

Rudraksha Bio-Chemical properties:
Chemical analysis reports suggest the presence of Citric acid, Vitamin C and Rudraksha oil with multiple alkaloids. Pharmacological effects of Rudraksha indicate more than one active Principle element in it. Rudraksha extract has Anti Viral, Anti Bacterial, Anti Protozoal, Anti Fungal, Anti Helminthic properties.

;Rudraksha oil:

It is a Pale yellow colored liquid with a Refractive index of 1.46. Specific gravity of Rudraksha oil is around 0.93. Fatty acid analysis tells presence of Iso palmitic oil, Iso stearic oil and traces of many other oils.

Rudraksha water:

If Rudraksha is placed in water for some time, its temperature will rise slightly. Water becomes acidic and its Electrical conductivity increases up to 24 Hrs. Rudraksha water improves health.

Rudraksha test:

Many people think that we can find Real Rudraksha by a single test. That is only half-true. Sadhus identify Original Rudraksha by a collection of tests. The tests are simple.

Appearance of Rudraksha:

Rudraksha beads are nuts of Rudraksha trees. They will be in Reddish-brown / Pale-Yellow color with many groves on their surface. There are three sizes of Rudrakshas. Amla fruit size (Dhatri phala pramana), Zizyphus fruit size (Badari phala pramana) and Chick pea size (Chana matra).

Magnetic field test:

Original Rudraksha will have a magnetic field around it. This character can be used to find out a Real one. Place Rudraksha between two copper coins. Rudraksha rotates itself.


Place Rudraksha on the coin vertically with its poles facing up and down. Bring the second copper coin slowly, so that you can see the movement.


Rudraksha must rotate in Clockwise direction (Pradakshina). There will be some Rudrakshas which rotate Anti-clockwise (Apradakshina). But never take them. They are also Rudrakshas but will have Negative energy.

Density test:

Real Rudraksha will sink in water or milk. Rudraksha beads from unripe fruits will also float on water. But they are useless.

Thermometer test:

It is a simple test which explains an important property of Rudraksha. Place Rudraksha in a glass with small amount of water (just enough to cover Rudraksha). Record the temperature by using a Thermometer. Record the temperature after 30 minutes. You can observe 1 or 2 degrees centigrade rise of temperature.

Milk test:

It is a time consuming test. But, it shows the superiority of Ek mukhi Rudraksha over all remaining Rudrakshas. Place Rudraksha in a glass of fresh milk. See after 2 days. The milk will not spoil. Some quality Rudrakshas can protect milk for even 3 days. Ek mukhi Rudraksha will work for 5 to 7 days. Really!

Guidelines to find out Best Rudraksha:

Big Rudraksha are superior to small Rudraksha.

Big Rudraksha:


It will be in the size of an Amla fruit (Dhatri phala) with a radius above 2 c.m. It gives both Materialistic and Spiritual wealth (Bhoga Moksha prada). It protects from Dangers.

Medium sized Rudraksha:

It will be in the size of Zizyphus fruit (Badari phala) with a radius between 1 to 2 c.m. It gives medium results.

Small Rudraksha:

It will be in the size of Chick pea (Chana) with a radius below 1 c.m. It gives Materialistic wealth.

Suggestion: Big Rudraksh for wearing on the body and Small Rudraksh for making a Japa mala to chant Mantras.

Strong Rudrakshas are superior to Weak Rudraksha. Brittle Rudraksha are from unripe fruits. They will lose groves in few years. They are not good.

Even Rudraksha are superior to Uneven Rudraksha. A beautiful Rudraksha is always supported. It should be Round. It should have clear groves and lines. Don't use Malformed Rudraksha. It results in Poverty. Few groves represent low Energy.

Beads from Rudraksha fruits which dry up on the tree itself are best. Rudraksha fruits will grasp solar power and cosmic energy as they ripen. They gain Magnetic field as they dry up. Rudraksha beads from unripe fruits and Ripen fruits which fell on the ground are of lower quality.

A Rudraksha bead which has a Natural central hole is of Supreme quality. But, they are only 0.01%. We have to make hole for the remaining.

Rudraksha beads which should not be used:

Uneven shaped Rudraksha and Rudraksha spoiled by Insects and fungi should never be used. They will have Negative energy.

Finally, Nepal Rudraksha (From Himalayas) is considered best. It is based on the Origin.

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