The word Shatasthala is derived from “Shat means six and ‘sthala which means stage. The latter in the philosophical context means God. What is currently being practiced by ardent Lingayaths was expounded, propounded and systematized some 800 years ago by the Lingayathism saints. The practice of path enables one to achieve one’s final goal of eternal union of the Anga (body) with the Linga (God). The Shatasthala is not just a lofty religious principle but a path, which permits one to accomplish life’s ultimate goal. There is a close relationship between Shiva, the human being and the world. A Bhakta becomes Shiva by breaking the bondage created by ignorance, as accrued by unrighteous deeds and desires.

The Shatsthala occupies premier position in the religion. The 12th century Sharanas practiced it perfectly. It is considered to be the brain child of Channabasava, who was entrusted by Basava with the responsibility and the task of expanding, expounding and explaining the Shatsthala path to the laity. It should be noted here that Kamiagama, the first of the Shivagamas, mentions the terms Veerashaiva and Istalinga . Both the Kiranagama and the Yogajagama state that a person without the Ishtalinga becomes unfit to receive the Prasada (consecrated food offering to God). The Vatalagama, the Veeragama and the Parameshwaragama provide detailed descriptions of the Shatsthala path. It begins by explaining that, an aspirant must have Shivabhakti in his/ her heart (Munavalli S. 2002: Pp111-113)

The following Vachana gives a beautiful and concise description of Shatsthala.

"If he is a Bhakta, he should be
Free from the desires of mind and body.

If he is Maheshvara, he should avoid
Another's wealth, Another's concern, another's wife.

If he is a Prasadi, he should forget
The pleasures of taste and Keep his body pure.

If he is a Pranalingi, he should renounce
His body and merge with Linga.

He who enjoys, not self, but Him
In everything is a Lingaikya…"

" We are not immortal, we have not drunk nectar, we have not taken the elixir of life, this is our last chance for achieving salvation." Therefore, any stage should be a Shatsthala stage. In these words, Channabasavanna has explained the secret of Shatsthala


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