Acceptance of Work: An Accountant Job

- ✍ Her Holiness Maha Jagadguru Dr. Maate Mahadevi
ಪೂಜ್ಯ ಶ್ರೀ ಮಹಾಜಗದ್ಗುರು ಡಾ|| ಮಾತೆ ಮಹಾದೇವಿ.

15. Acceptance of Work: An Accountant Job

The very next day Basavanna went to palace with Minister Baladevarasa. The same morning, Baladevarasa's visit was connected with the accounts section of the palace. Also on the same day the presentation of revenue and expenditure accounts was to take place. He left Basavanna in the account section and went to a room for confidential meeting. He told Basavanna to meet the finance minister Siddharasa when he comes.

Basavanna got bored sitting alone in the same place for a long time. He raised from his seat and started observing the things around him. He was shocked to notice the bribary and cheating in the section.

Came to the accounts section and sat down
Started observing the busy accountants,
The accounts in the Account books,
And the officers taking bribes.

He was deeply afflicted, he could not bear this and got up. "Gentlemen, don't denigrade yourselves to such a low level of begging others money by cheating the conscience......" They started giggling in reaction to Basavanna's advice. One of them said ;

" O ! young man, does the salary alone which we get from the State's treasury fill the stomach of our wife and children? I pity you ! It seems still the burden of the family has not yet fallen on the shoulder....."

" May be, but can anyone eat the swallow-wort because of severe hunger ? Can anyone drink poison to quench the severe thirst ?"

"Rice is different from the swallow-wort, poison is different from water, but is bribed money different from salary ? Both come in the form of money minted by the treasury, isn't it ?"

"That's true, but can we treat the guest with lime water since it is also white like milk ? The money which has come from true and prompt labour is like milk and the money got from bribe is like lime water. Honesty in earning, fearless in life are essentials for ideal life. We should not be ignorant of this. Having a feeling ; let it come in any way, is not good...."

By then, all became silent and started working. Siddharasa came to check the accounts. The chief-accountant started presenting the accounts of income and expenditure to the minister. Basavanna noticed a big cheat when the minister was checking the numbers. Though, both the deduction of expenditure from the income and the balance were shown clearly, a big amount was added twice in the expenditure and this was a big deceive to the treasury. Basavanna's mind was irked in an ambiguous situation.

" I have come here in search of a job, now if I tell the truth, who will give me job ? Won't they feel bad about me, thinking that an inexperienced person was alleging the experienced elders ? Won't they consider me as a jealous person ? But what can I do ? My inner conscience does not accept this cheating. I will tell the truth even if it is going to snatch away the chance of getting a job ? This money is people's treasure and should not be misused. Lakhs of people have paid in the form of tax and this should not fill few person's purse. Therefore I will tell what I have seen......" Thus, Basavanna decided and revealed the fact that cheating was being done in the accounts. Siddharasa was stunned. "What a serious allegation this young person is making! In case if he does not prove, it is not only dishonour to him, but also to my friend Baladevarasa. Why did he do this ?" His lips and tongue were dried, he remained silent.

But Basavanna was brimming with confidence. Konde Manchanna was the Chief accountant of the finance section. First he was consternated but recovered enough to laugh merrily.

"Honourable minister, it is Basavanna's impudence. He may be over courageous because he is prime minister's son-in-law. Can the accounts, written by highly experienced experts, be wrong ? It is just a childlishness.... forget it...."

Finance Minister Siddarasa looked at Basavanna. A confidence of proving what he has alleged was clear on Basavanna's face. Siddharasa asked;

"Basavanna, can you prove what you have alleged?" "Certainly! See here, a big amount is included twice in the expenditure side and a plan to misuse 5 crores of gold coins has been plotted."

Siddharasa called honest accountants and got verified it under the leadership of Basavanna. The plot to misuse five crores of gold coins was confirmed. Siddharasa was wonderstruck by the Basavanna's tremendous knowledge of mathematics and sharp reflection as he had noticed such mistake in the account by just at a glance. He appointed Basavanna as the chief accountant and arranged 101 gold coins per annum as the salary. As he had decided earlier, Basavanna got the job by his brillance.

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