Guru Basaveswara's Mission

Guru Basava Mission

It was the distinctive feature of his mission that Illustrious, religious and social reformers in India before him had tach had his emphasis on one or other items of religious and socia1 reform, either subordinating more or less other items to it, or ignoring them altogether. Basava sketched and boldly tried to work out a large and comprehensive programme of social reform with the elevation and independence of woman-hood as its guiding point.

Don’t gloat and speak
That gods are two or three.
Look, he is one.
To say he is two is false
None but Koodalasangamadeva is
says the Veda. -Guru Basava/61/[1]

They got stabbed, yet they became devotees.
They got mowed down, yet they became devotees.
‘[hey got sawed up, yet they became devotees.
lucy got insulted, yet they became devotees.
Hut, I being impatient to words of sharanas of Koodalasanga
my devotion became incomplete. -Guru Basava/62/[1]

Neither social conferences which are annually held in these days in several parts of India, nor Indian social reformers, can improve upon that programme as to the essentials. As was in substance remarked by the late Sri James Campbell, whose knowledge of Indian History, customs and manners was almost phenomenal, the present day social reformer in India is but speaking the language and seeking to enforce the mind of Basava.

What does night matter to the blind?
What does day matter to the blind?
What does it matter to the deaf
if the cymbals are clapped
or five great sounds rung?
What does it matter to one
who does not know the path of Koodalasangamadeva? -Guru Basava/63/[1]

Who is this
who is this-
do not let them feel like this.
He is ours,
he is ours
let them feel like this,
Koodalasangamadeva let me be known
as the vassal of your house. -Guru Basava/64/[1]

The eating plate is no other bronze
nor the looking glass another bronze,
the vessel is the same,
the metal is the same,
if made to shine
it is known as the mirror.
If aware you are a sharana,
if unaware you are mere mortal.
Without oblivion
worship Koodalasanga. -Guru Basava/65/[1]

[1] Number indicates at the end of each Vachana is from the book "Vachana", pub: Basava Samiti Bangalore 2012.

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