Guru Basava Vachanas

So long as the life span is not spent there is no death.
So long as the promise is not broken there is no penury.
I being your servant why fear earthly fears Koodalasangamadeva? -Guru Basava/46/[1]

You store the wealth
thinking your life span is intact
and there is no deluge.
When the life is spent
and all engulfing floods surge
there is no one to enjoy that wealth.
Do not dig the earth and hide your-wealth.
Once swallowed the earth ëannot throw it up again.
Feasting your eyes on wealth,
gathering it in to dust
do not die without enjoying it.
If you say
let this be for my wife,
that wife’s pretense is pretty different.
When your body drops down
would she not set out for another?
Do not become a silly sheep
storing wealth for others.
Spend for the sharanas of Koodalasanga forthwith.-Guru Basava/47/[1]

If you worship, the harvest is nectar,
if you fefute, the harvest is poison.
That being the reason,
one must fear the jangama.
When you know the sthavara and jangama as one
Koodalasangamadeva is one with the sharana. -Guru Basava/48/[1]

What is there in the minds of all those,
I do not know.
As they are devotees of Shiva
I cannot say they are virtuous,
I cannot say they are mean.
Jangama is the linga Koodalasangamadeva. -Guru Basava/49/[1]

The contact, what would it not do?
Would not a mere worm be an insect?
In the presence of sandal,
would not neem, babool and acacia become fragrant?
In the presence of our sharanas of Koodalasanga
would not karma get cleansed? -Guru Basava/50/[1]

With their fury what could anyone do to us?
The rage of the land, what can it do to us?
To our boy do not give your girl,
To our dog do not feed on a platter.
Would a dog bite
one who rides the elephant?
As long as we have our own Koodalasanga,
why worry? -Guru Basava/51/[1]

Like crystal of a hail stone,
like a doll of wax,
(he melting of the body
in the rapture of union.
What could I speak of it?
Tears of bliss from my eyes
surged past their brim.
What could I speak of the rapture of touching him,
the union with our Koodalasangamadeva? -Guru Basava/52/[1]

Like the sight swallowed by the pupil,
like the universe swallowed by the space,
like the water swallowed by pearl,
like the fragrance swallowed by flower,
since I allowed my body to union with great mystics,
owing to the dialogues of sharanas of Prabhu and the rest the of nature my body terminated. -Guru Basava/53/[1]

Whatever be his clan,
one who has Shiva linga is born pious.
Would one bother about the caste of the sharanas
after the castes are mingled?
As it is said that
shivadharniakule jaataha punarjanrnavivarjitaha
Urna niataa pitaa rudra eshwarain kulameva cha.
I will take what they cook,
I will offer daughter in marriage to them,
I will trust your sharanas. -Guru Basava/54/[1]

Like the tar yielded by the kiln
like the body of the serpent within nectar
I was smooth on the outside.
I ike the elephant in rut that yielded to the lion
I yiekled to the jangama, Koodalasangamadeva. -Guru Basava/55/[1]

Who it is, how does it matter?
I will chew the thamboola
from the tongue of any
who yearn for Shri Mahaadeva.
I will wear his soiled clothes
and live on keeping watch on his footwear
Koodalasangamadeva. -Guru Basava/56/[1]

Who it is, what does it matter?
Could one do without money?
It is better to die than it is being refused.
Looking again and again at those that beg
what life is it if it does not give,
Koodalasangmadeva? -Guru Basava/57/[1]

If the senses are subjugated vices accumulate.
The five senses step forward and haunt.
Did Siriy ala and Chengale
as husband and wife discard the pleasure of coition?
[)id Sindhu Ballala discard
the wanton and sensual indulgences of coition?
After attaining you
if one desires for other’s wealth and wives
that is being far from tradition
Koodalasangamadeva. -Guru Basava/58/[1]

even as all the devotees that are sitting down
call out to you
‘come here, come here’
and invite you to come closer;
if you approach them,
palm held pressed together
making yourself small
and play on as a servant does;
if you are humble
and contemplative
Koodalasangamadeva will lift you up
in front of the pramathas. -Guru Basava/59/[1]

What more can I do? What more can I do?
The assault of monkey-mind is so great,
does not let me stay where I stand
nor sit where I sat,
in an instant plunges into the depths of hell
in an instant reaches up to the heavens
in an instant scatters in all directions.
From this assault of the monkey-mind
when will you rid me and
When will I be with you Koodalasangamadeva? -Guru Basava/60/[1]

[1] Number indicates at the end of each Vachana is from the book "Vachana", pub: Basava Samiti Bangalore 2012.

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