Marriage Proposal

- ✍ Her Holiness Maha Jagadguru Dr. Maate Mahadevi
ಪೂಜ್ಯ ಶ್ರೀ ಮಹಾಜಗದ್ಗುರು ಡಾ|| ಮಾತೆ ಮಹಾದೇವಿ.

10. Marriage Proposal

Baladevarasa spent the whole night in the remembrance of the pleasing personality of Basavanna and the manner in which he spoke out his lofty ideals. He exclaimed' what a talented person he is !' He got up early in the morning and after having bath, he went to meet the Guru. The first question he asked was;

" That brilliant and talented young student is my sister's ...." interrupted Jathaveda Muni with a smile and said, "Yes, I know he is your sister Madalambike's son".Baladevarasa's guess came true and there were no bounds to his happiness."Oh! he is the one, my sister's son Basavarasa ? The one we had misunderstood as a recalcitrant and had left home defying his parents' advice? what a miracle!"

"He is not a recalcitrant Baladevarasa! He is courageous and revolutionary. He is a blessed soul. He is an intellectualist who rejects, without fear, any thing which is not accepted by his prudence...."

"What a talented person my nephew is! Gurudev,I have a supplication. An ambition has arised in me to marry my daughter Neelaganga,who is an apple of my eye, to Basavarasa and make him the lord of my whole wealth.Please bless me approving this." Suddenly the guru became serious and this caused a mild panic in Baladevarasa who was quick enough to apologise; "please, pardon me if my request is wrong."

"Nothing wrong minister! But,Basavanna by nature is an introvert. He is not the one to think of entering into matrimonial life even in his dream. He has many ideals in his mind and heart. How can I put this proposal before such a soul ?"

"He is very obedient and definitely he will not disobey your words. Please propose....." Baladevarasa pleaded. Then, after thinking for a while, Jathaveda Muni decided something in his mind and he sent someone to call Basavarasa.

Basavarasa, after having bath in the Sangama (confluence of the river Krishna and the river Malaprabha), was away, far from the noise of the crowd, engrossed in meditation on a rock surrounded by water. He awakened when he came to know that the guru was calling him . He hurried to the Guru and offered salutations. And, when he noticed Baladevarasa he offered his respects.

"Basavarasa, you are a very talented and an intelligent person...." Baladevarasa complimented Basavarasa.

"It is your affection and generosity......"

"Your speech was very effective yesterday. The expression was fluent and appealing......"

"But, it is easier said than done Prime minister. It is very difficult to build such a society. Even those who feel happy hearing the purpose of building a rational society are not forth coming. I don't know when my dream will come true?" Basavarasa said in sadness.

The guru noticed the conversation entering into philosophy and society and he intelligently diverted the topic by saying ;

"Basavarasa, he is not only the Prime minister of King Bijjala of Chalukya kingdom, but also your mother's own brother. He is your maternal uncle....."

"Kindly excuse me gurudev. I bow and offer my salutations to the hon'ble Prime minister. Let us not discuss about blood relation. After surrendering to God, the guru is my father and mother and guru's relatives are my real Kith and Kin....."

Basavanna was startled when later on the guru discussed with him about the marriage in privacy. "Why gurudeva, have I committed any mistakes ? Why is this hard decision to send me away from your proximity ?

"Basavanna, I don't want to send a student like you out. You shall raise to high position with the help of Baladevarasa by marrying Neelaganga....."

"I don't want any other positions; not even Brahma's position, Vishnu's position and Rudra's position. Serving a sage like you is enough for me, I am content."

"There are many to serve me, but very few to serve the society and religion. If not for you, at least for the world you must raise to a higher position." Basavanna was shocked and remained silent. When he consulted Akka Nagalambike, she also supported the marriage proposal. He became all alone in this matter, no one to support his arguments and finding no immediate solution. He plunged into sorrowness. He decided to go to Lord Sangameswar temple to unburden his grief and get consoled. He had decided to know what was God's will.

He got up early in the morning and came out of his hut. He took bath and sat down absorbed in meditation on the bank of the river. When he became awakened, he saw a young woman standing with hesitation. He asked;

"Who are you ?"

"I am that unfortunate Neelaganga whom you are reluctant to marry." She replied.

"It is good that you have talked about it. I am a person who has dreamt about so many ideals. You are basically interested in wordly happiness by entering into matrimonial life. You can't live happily by marrying an ideal person like me. Therefore, if you volunterily reject this marriage proposal, both of our problems will automatically be solved......"

"I promise you that I will not be a hurdle in the accomplishment of your ideals. I will consider you not merely as my husband, but as my guru and the light of my life who guides me. I always follow you whether it is happiness or sorrow, pain or pleasure, fame or defame. If you become a great light, I would offer my life as oil and wick to it....." Basavanna was greatly surprised after listening to her. He silently walked towards the temple.

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