Bewailing before Lord Sangamanatha

- ✍ Her Holiness Maha Jagadguru Dr. Maate Mahadevi
ಪೂಜ್ಯ ಶ್ರೀ ಮಹಾಜಗದ್ಗುರು ಡಾ|| ಮಾತೆ ಮಹಾದೇವಿ.

11. Bewailing before Lord Sangamanatha

The moment he entered into the temple,the sorrow overflowed. He started singing standing at the doorsteps of the sanctum sanctorium.

"You have spread the desires
In front of me as greens.
How can the cattle understands? It treats that as grass
Make me desireless and feed me with sense of devotion
Foster me O! Koodala Sangama Deva."

"O! God, none is there to support me. You only show me the way. Bless me so that my mind will not fall pray to any kind of desires". When Basavanna was grieving, suddenly there appeared a light which took a shape and stood in front of him. The Lord Sanga-meswara had appeared infront of Basavanna, He said ;

"My son Basavanna,I will make you famous on this earth. Go to Mangalavedhe where Bijjala is ruling." Basavanna was taken aback by these words. He said in deep sorrow:

" My Lord, how cruel you are ! What mistake I have committed ? Does the moonlight have heat? Does elixer contain poison ? What sort of justice it is to send out the one who has taken the shelter in you ? A mother will never feed poision to the baby which is craving for food. Being a great giver, is it right to give poision ? This cruelty should not be for your pure love." At this time, when Basavanna was supplicating, again the Lord Sangameswara's ordain was heard. "Basavanna, I have more affection than your devotion. Can I stay apart from you ? As a strength, I will be at your back. I will enable you to accomplish my will. You should become means to me. You come tomorrow after bath, I will bless you. I myself is your guru. Shoulder the great responsibility and preach the world the concept of "Sublimation of life" by accomplishing the spirituality even after entering into the matrimonial life. You are the form representative of my formlessness. Go my son, my blessings will be always with you" His tension eased off as swelling milk , after boiling, recedes when cold water is poured. He bowed to the God and came out with determination.

Approval for Marriage

Basavanna came to the guru in content and offered his salutations.

The mind is serpant, body the basket.
See, how they live together
You may have no notion when
It may kill you,
No notion when it bites !
O! Koodala Sangama Deva
If I can worship you each and everyday
That the charm !

Gurudeva, in the body-the basket, there is mind- the serpant. The play is amazing but dangerous. It is difficult to say when it brings about destruction. As how a juggler goes to play with the serpant knowing the tricks and with intoxicant, I go to play with matrimonial life- the serpant with daily worship as the intoxicant. May your blessings be always with me. May my mind be not polluted by the selfishness and narrow mindedness. Keep my mind always pure Gurudev."

Baladevarasa became very happy when the news of the approval for the marriage was informed to him. But Basavanna laid some conditions. "No hurdle, anxiety, political pressures should be brought upon me when I begin to accomplish my ideals. Secondly, since woman and men are equal before the God and in the religious field, according to the religion which I am going to build you have to give initiation and religious sanctity to your daughter." Baladevarasa was shocked by the second condition.

" Is it ever possible? According to our tradition woman is Shudra, excluded from the religious sanctification......"

"Then, how can a boy, born to an unsanctified Shudra mother become a Brahmin ? If by birth all are Shudras and by sanctification become Brahmins, then all should have religious sanctification. Moreover, husband and wife should be of one culture, character, righteousness. It is not possible to cook rice mixing rice with paddy. Even if it is cooked, it can not be eaten. Likewise, the union and company of sanctified husband and unsanctified wife is like cooking rice mixed with paddy. Thirdly, woman also feels hungry like man and therefore she eats. She has physical desire and therefore she does marry. Likewise, she has soul and thirst for knowledge and hence she too should be given an opportunity." Baladevarasa confirmed the wedding by agreeing to the conditions and returned to Kalyana with his family.

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