Matrimonial life

- ✍ Her Holiness Maha Jagadguru Dr. Maate Mahadevi
ಪೂಜ್ಯ ಶ್ರೀ ಮಹಾಜಗದ್ಗುರು ಡಾ|| ಮಾತೆ ಮಹಾದೇವಿ.

14. Matrimonial life

"I started my adult life,
With my head shaven.
I will win the affection of the Linga,
Even if I loose modesty
I will win the affection of the Linga,
Even if I loose the sense of shame.
Let the worldly people laugh and jeer
I salute and surrender at your feet
O! Kudala Sangama Deva"

Basavanna is lost in deep meditation even when is the wedding just a few moments. His prayers are for his ideals, not to be defeated by matrimonial life. But on the other hand, the worldly people (married ones) are ridiculing him saying that the young Basavanna is meditating as a saint instead of having fun and enjoy the marriage. The wedding was over. After that, he started a simple life without even an iota of proudness for getting Baladevarasa as his father-in-law. This is depicted by poet Harihara in his Ragale as follows :

While speaking and walking, saluting the Lord
While dressing and eating, saluting the Lord
While giving and taking, saluting the Lord
While bathing and sleeping, saluting the Lord.

With an entrenched faith in God, Basavanna entered matrimonial life with Neelaganga. May be, four to five days have passed since their wedding. One day Basavanna speaks to Baladevarasa;

"Dear father-in-law, self earned money is supreme, inherited money is moderate, property from father-in-law through a woman is vile. Wise persons do not want to use others' property. Therefore, I would like to establish and abide by the principle Kayakave Kailasa (Work is the divine bliss).

"Basavanna, am I an alien to you ? Except both of you, who else can use my property....?"

" I don't mean that you are an alien dear father-in-law. I have right to spend only my earnings. Let your belief that only your daughter and I should enjoy your property may change. Since I am capable of working, I shall work and earn my livelyhood. Let your property be utilised for those who are incapable to work, and for service to weaker sections and poor....... .

Doing job is an essential quality of a man. The following are the characters ought to be found in an ideal and courageous man ;


God's grace will be showered only where these six characters are found. From Krutayuga itself the measure of time begins. Will it not be a foul thing if we do not work even when God - the creator of this universe is in action ?"

"Basavanna you are a spiritualist by nature. Lot of time will be wasted if you start working. You may utilise that time in worshipping......."

"It is right father-in-law, but worship is an act for the progress of the soul ; the work is tapas of the body for the welfare of the whole and without this work nobody should live. As long as the body, life, mind and soul exist; work, food, knowledge and worship- all are necessary......"

"As you like Basavanna. I can't stand against your wish......."

"Well, tomorrow I will come with you to the palace father-in-law. But you should not influence in getting a job for me. My own intelligence should get a job. How can a dog, which is carried on the shoulder, catch a rabbit....?"

"Another worry is grubbing my head. My wealth is abundant and Neelaganga is my only daughter. And moreover you are not ready to accept it. There is only one way left out. Let us build free-choultries in four directions and from that money we shall provide food for the visitors. Is it agreeable for you ?"

"In a way it is a betrayal to the State".

"What a strange ! How is it ?"

"If the news that food will be available freely spreads, rogues and idle persons will take shelter and spend time lazilly here. This will be as good as we are giving an easy way to laziness. Instead of this we can make a plan in such a way that the agricultural income and availability of employment should increase and bring work into practice. We can make way for the people to earn their livelihood. In order to understand the value of food, work is essential.."

"Your intelligence is excellent Basaavanna. You are an extraordinary person.....!" exclaimed Baladevarasa.

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