Arrival to Kalyana

- ✍ Her Holiness Maha Jagadguru Dr. Maate Mahadevi
ಪೂಜ್ಯ ಶ್ರೀ ಮಹಾಜಗದ್ಗುರು ಡಾ|| ಮಾತೆ ಮಹಾದೇವಿ.

16. Arrival to Kalyana

Keeping Thailapa of Chalukya in house arrest, the King Bijjala gradually became powerful (from 1155 A.D). As he grew stronger, by exhibiting his strength, he started transfering the residences to Kalyana. His trust worthy people also started coming to the capital with him. In this background, the Prime Minister Baladevarasa, Basavanna and their family also entered Kalyana at the dawn on Monday during Shravana of Vikramanama Samvatsara (1160. A.D.)

After shifting to Kalyana, Bijjala started worshipping Shantesha Linga in a special Mantapa located in the pooja room of the palace. One day, when he was worshipping, he found one special and a curious object in the form of a roll. He opened the roll in the light of the lamp. Surprisingly it was a script made up of gold plaque containing some strange etchings. Failing to decipher it, the king called the scholars of the town immediately. Baladevarasa, Konde Manchanna, Narana Kramitha, Peddarasa, Vishnubhatta, Souripeddi and others came in response to king's call and tried to decipher it but in vain.

"Though Basavanna is younger to us, he is intelligent. Why not he also be given a chance to read this ?" Baladevarasa suggested and this was supported by Peddarasa.

" Oh! what an immature suggestion ! When it is impossible for the scholars like us, can Basavanna, an inexperienced, understand it?" Konde Manchanna ridiculed the idea.

"Whoever it may be, it is enough if he reads it. If it is for the good of the state why not it be tried ?" Bijjala responded. Then he sent a message to Basavanna who was working in the accounts section.

When Basavanna arrived, Bijjala explained him the background and said ; "You can try this Basavanna.."

"As you wish"

He took the roll and before opening it, he prayed in his mind;

My welfare-downfall is yours
My destroyal - progress is yours,
My honour-dishonour is yours
Is fruit (nut) heavier to creeper ?
O! Kudala Sangama Deva.

And he unrolled the golden foil. "Your majesty, this is a mirror image script. It is in old Kannada. We can read this only with the help of a mirror."

A servant brought a mirror when the king signalled. Basavanna deciphered the script with the help of mirror and said ;

"Very happy news Lord...." Bijjala became curious and the people who had gathered became attentive.

"Rathnakara Tribhuvana Malla Permadi Vikramaditya of Chalukayan empire has left 66 crores of gold coins under this throne as savings during his golden era."

"Good, very good......" cheered Bijjala.

"Lord ! this is a lie. It is Basavanna's machination to displace the throne and dethrone you" Konde Manchanna alleged.

"Lord ! If it is a lie, I will give my head, please accept. If it is true then the state will be benefitted." Basavanna said affirmatively. The king Bijjala found 66 crores of gold coins when the place was dug as suggested by Basavanna. There were no bounds to Bijjala's happiness.

"Accept this pearl chain, it is a reward for your intelligence...." Bijjala came forward to give the chain.

"Please excuse me Lord ! Why is this reward for my duty? Don't I take salary from you ?"

"At least you can take a little share from the gold coins you have discovered."

"I could have. But I have no right to accept and you too have no right to give me....."

" You mean....."

" This belongs to the King Vikramaditya because he earned this wealth. But the real owners of this treasure are the people. This can be spent only for their welfare but for nothing else. You may constitute a committee for this and make some arrangements for the development of agriculture, commerce, mass education and other programmes. Today, education and culture have become an asset of few classes. These facilities have to be made available for all..."

"As you wish Basavanna. I entrust that responsibility to you. Prepare a master plan for various programmes as a head of this committee." King Bijjala turned towards Baladevarasa and said ;

"Siddharasa was a highly experienced minister. He was giving you the much needed support. Now enough time has passed since his death. The post of an important minister of treasury has fallen vacant. That has to be given to an intelligent, loyal, prompt and a person of high morale. I have that person in Basavanna. We shall give him the Finance Minister post." Bijjala decided. Wise men felt happy but the crookes were jealous and became highly discontent. Basavanna went to the Royal Palace as a clerk but came back home as a Finance Minister with Royal Emblem. A special welcome was awaiting for him. Akka Nagalambike and wife Neelaganga were at the doorsteps.

" Basavanna how brilliant you are. I am proud of you" said Akka Nagalambike. She welcomed him ceremoniously.

"Dear sister, this is not due to my intelligence. The Lord Almighty has bestowed His grace upon me. Without His grace, can I go higher and higher ?"

When the Lord bestows His grace upon , the wealth follows
It is like a stream flows to fill the pond.
The vicinity of Royal family and the praise, all be won.
And scarcest of grains rush in plenty
When we forget the Lord,
It is like an earthen pot dashed by stone"

Said Basavanna with humbleness. A feeling of complete surrender to God was clearly visible on his face.

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