Correct yourself (Do not worry about others)


Why worry about others?
Aren’t they enough, our own worries?
Whether Koodalasangamadeva loves or not
is worry enough to spread across and cover myself
-Guru Basava/268[1]

Why attempt to straighten the crookedness of the world?
Console your body, console your mind.
Koodalasangamadeva will not appreciate
those who weep for the sake of neighbors.
-Guru Basava/352 [1]

Why feel anger for those who resent you?
What do you gain from it? What do they lose from it?
Anger shown destroys one’s status.
Anger retained in the mind destroys one’s knowledge.
Flame set in your house destroys youi own house
and not the neighbor’s, Koodalasangamadeva.
-Guru Basava/208[1]

[1] Number indicates at the end of each Vachana is from the book "Vachana", pub: Basava Samiti Bangalore 2012.

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