Lingayat believes only in Vachana scriptures


vachana of the elderly is the touchstone.
Have faith that vachana is the linga called Sadaashiva.
If you have faith, you are the victor.
Bitter to the palate, yet sweet to the stomach
the vachana of Koodalasanga's sharanas is like tasting neem
-Guru Basava/39[1]

The Vedas shivered,
scriptures stood aside,
logic became dumb,
aagama just went away,
all because our Koodalasangayya
had his food in the house of untouchable Maadara Chennayya.
-Guru Basava/360[1]

What if you read the Vedas,
listen to the scriptures, do chanting and perform penance?
What use all this
if you cannot touch the mind of Koodalasangayya?
-Guru Basava/361[1]

Look, for the linga
The Veda is not proof,
shaastra is not proof
word is not proof.
dwelling in the proximity of the body
your sharana hid it in himself and used
-Allama Prabhu/608[1]

the meaning
found in the experience of the vachana
is in all the Vedas, aagamas, shaastras and puraanas.
The meaning
not found in the experience of the vachana
is not there in all the Vedas, aagamas, shaastras and puraanas.
The meaning
that is in the experience of the vachana
cannot be reached by all the Vedas, aagamas, shaastras and puraanas.
The meaning
that is in the experience of the vachana
is beyond all the Vedas, aagamas, shaastras and puraanas,
Apramaana Koodalasangamadeva -2441[1]

Lingayat does not believe in Veda, Shastra, Agama...

I shall put leather sheath to the Vedas
I shall put shackles on the shastras
I shall skin the back of Tarka
I shall cut off the nose of Agamas.
See lord
most generous Koodalasangamadeva
I am vassal of Maadara Chennayyas house. -359 [1]

Shall I say scriptures are great?
They praise karma.
Shall I say the Vedas are great?
They tell of animal sacrifice.
Shall I say shruti is great?
It searches what is before one’s eyes.
As you are not in any of those, Koodalasangama,
You can be seen in nothing but three kinds of daasoha. -364 [1]

In the cradle of ignorance placing the child of knowledge
tying the cradle up with the rope of the Vedas and scriptures
mother illusion sings a lullaby.
Unless the cradle breaks,
the rope tears and the lullaby stops
Guheshwara linga cannot be seen. -447 [1]

The Vedas are Brahma’s make-believe,
the shaastras are Saraswatis vanity,
the Agamas are the sages’ imbecility,
the puranas are the ancients’ futility.
If one can know and negate these,
go beyond and stand in the truth of Guheshwara,
he is the truly liberated one. -607 [1]

The Veda is matter of study,
shaastra is the gossip of the fair,
purana is the session of the rogues,
logic is the fight of goats,
bhakti is show for profit,’
and Guheshwara is the sublime beyond -609 [1]

The Vedas were ruined, being unable to penetrate.
Shaastras were ruined, being unable to attain.
The puranas were ruined, being unable to fulfill.
The elders were ruined, being unable to know themselves.
Their intelligence ate them.
Guheshwara, how will they know you? -610 [1]

The reading of an entire epic by Vyasa
cannot equal the recital of a single vachana of ours;
one hundred shatarudriya yagas cannot equal
the study of a hundred and eight vachanas of ours;
the chanting of a hundred thousand gay athri japa
cannot equal the recital of a thousand vachanas of ours,
Kapilasiddha Mallikaarjuna -969[1]

The Vedas, Shastras, Aagamas, Puraanas
are all nothing more than
the husk of pounded paddy.
Why pound them or rinse them?
Once you sever the head of the wandering mind
its one sheer no-thingness, Chennamallikaarjuna. -1225 [1]

Do not follow, do not follow the Vedas.
Do not linger, do not linger with shaastras.
Do not make use, do not make use of puraanas.
Do not strain, do not strain yourself following aagamas.
Hold the hand of Saurashtra Someshwara
and do not get tired, do not get tired caught in web of words. -1511[1]

The Vedas are teachings of Brahmins.
Shaastras are words of marketplace.
Puraanas are gatherings of ruffians.
Agama is untrue word.
Logic, grammar and poetry are
languages of those who do not have linga on their body.
Thats why there is no one greater than
the spiritually experienced who knows himself, Kalideva. -1896 [1]

[1] Number indicates at the end of each Vachana is from the book "Vachana", pub: Basava Samiti Bangalore 2012.

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