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Adayya (ಆದಯ್ಯ)

Full Name: Adayya
Pen Name (Vachana Signature): Saurashtra Someshwara
Kayaka (Occupation): Trader


Like bronze in the idol
Like color in gold
Like thread in cloth
You are un-differentaited in me
Saurashtra Someshwara.
[Vachana No.1478] [1]

Adayya hailed from Sourashtra. He came to Puligere, present Lakshmeshwara, for trading and business purpose. He later settled down at there itself and married a Jaina bride Padmavati. He seems to have argued with his father-in-law about the superiority of Shiva and brought Someshwara from Saurashtra and established the linga at Surahonne basadi at Puligere.

If gold emerges from stone, does gold become slave to stone?
If pearl emerges from shell, does pearl become slave to shell?
If divine tree emerges from earth, does divine tree become slave to earth?
If great sharana emerges from the womb of mother, does sharana become a slave to parents?
Saurashtra Someshwara your sharanas are independent.
[vachana No.1483] [1]

As potter is not in the pot that he makes
As the peasant is not in the grains that he grows
As the carpenter who made the chariot is not in the chariot
Our Saurashtra Someshwara does not accept if you say
All controlling Shiva is in the world as a mechanic with the machine.
[Vachana No. 1491] [1]

What if you learn sixty four arts?
What if you journey to sixty eight holy places?
What if you give up? What if you hold on to?
Unless the practice of righteousness is crystalized?
The bliss of union with Saurashtra Someshwara
Is only for the sharana in whom righteous action is crystallized
And the light of great linga is internalized.
[Vachana No. 1492] [1]

Do not follow, do not follow the Vedas.
Do not linger, do not linger with shaastras.
Do not make use, do not make use of puraanas.
Do not strain, do not strain yourself following aagamas.
Hold the hand of Saurashtra Someshwara and
Do not get tired, do not get tired caught in web of words.
[Vachana No. 1511] [1]

He has written vachanas and swara vachanas under the signature Saurashtra Someshwara. 403 vachanas of Aadayya have been discovered. There is a discussion of sharana philosophy in all his vachanas. His vachanas show literary vitality and philosophical excellence.


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