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Agghavani Honnaiah (ಅಘ್ಘವಣಿ ಹೊನ್ನಯ್ಯ)

Full Name: Agghavani Honnaiah
Pen Name (Vachana Signature): Huligereya Varada Somanatha

Whatever happens let it happen
whatever does not let it be so-
one cannot say like this.
For one who takes vow
what is needed is determination.
What you hold on
you shouldnt let go.
Varada Somanatha of Huligere
does not let one who is not brave reach him.
[Vachana No.1375] [1]

Agghavani Honnaiah belonged to Puligere (the town of Lakshmeshwara at present). He had taken a vow to worshipping his god every day with water from the river Tungabhadra.

In the miracle of head that took place at Abbaluru it was he who placed the head of Ekanta Ramaiah on a platter and took it in a procession.

He spent the latter half of his life at Kalyaana. There is a reference to him in the inscriptions of Kallidevanapura (1179) and Maradipura (1180). Four Vachanas written under the signature line Huligereya Varada Somanatha have been found. He takes into task those who are ignorant of the greatness of Shiva, advocates devotion to single god and the perfect coordination between Linga and Auga.


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