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Full Name: Chandimarasa
Pen Name (Vachana Signature): Simmaligeya Chennaraama


As seeing the moon through moonlight
As seeing the sun through sunlight
As seeing the lamp through the lamp-light
If you see yourself through your own light
You are what you are, Simmaligeya Chennaraama.
[Vachana No.1683] [1]

Chandimarasa was a contemporary to Basavanna. He hailed from Chimmalige on the banks of Krishna near Alamatti. There is a memorial temple in Chimmalagi. Nijaguna Shivayogi was his guru. Originally he was a brahmin and become a sharana after taking initiation. We have his 157 vachanas with the signature Simmaligeya Chennaraama.

A man going on his way,
Was chased by a tiger, forest flame, demon and elephants
From all the four directions
Full of fear, no where to go,
Jumped into a well head down,
Saw a snake,
And hung on to a creeper that was being gnawed by a rat.
Suddenly bees began to sting
And a drop of honey fell on the edge of his nose
And tasting it he forgot all the great travails
And enjoyed its taste.

Similarly, the pleasures of the world,
If you think about it,
Are nothing but an ocean of sorrow.
Knowing this, knowing the limitations of pleasures
If you stand without pleasure of sensual things,
You are Simmaligeya Chennaraama.
[Vachana No. 1699] [1]

What if the mirror belongs to you or to others?
Isn’t it enough if it shows your form?
What if who the guru is?
Isn’t it enough if he gives you knowledge of your self?
Simmaligeya Chennaraama.
[Vachana No. 1693] [1]


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