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Gupta Manchanna (ಗುಪ್ತ ಮಂಚಣ್ಣ)

Full Name: Gupta Manchanna
Pen Name (Vachana Signature): Naaraayanapriya Raamanaatha
Kayaka (Occupation): was a minister in Bijjala's court


Where is the battle for one who has no arms?
Where is life for the body without soul?
One who doesn’t know the path of the un-born
how can he know the luminous?
The talk of one who knows not ishtalinga
is like water filled in a pot with holes
Naaraayanapriya Raamanaatha.
[Vachana No.1666] [1]

Gupta Manchanna was a minister in Bijjal&s court and his father was Damodara. Mayavadi was his mother. He basically he belonged to the Vedi sectm but he was very much attracted by Basavanna’s philosophy and hence he followed that path secretly. When he could no longer keep it a secret he openly participated in his discussions of the Anubhavamantpa. He devoted his entire life to Shiva devotion. His 102 vachanas have Naarayanapriya Raamanatha as his signature. One could see the tension he experienced as he turned from Vaishnava sect to Shaiva denomination. Many vachanas are esoteric in nature.

The cock to know the time
the cuckoo to know the season
the monkey to know how to jump from branch to branch
and Naaraayanapriya Raamanaatha
away from three kinds of pollution
to know the death of senses.
[Vachana No.1662] [1]


[1] "VACHANA" English Version Translation by: O.L. Nagabhushana Swamy, ISBN: 978-93-81457-12-2, 2012, Pub: Basava Samithi, Basava Bhavana Benguluru 560001.

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