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Nuliya Chandayya (ನುಲಿಯ ಚಂದಯ್ಯ)

Full Name: Nuliya Chandayya
Pen Name (Vachana Signature): Chandeswaralinga
Kāyaka (Occupation): Rope maker(out of grass or straw )


Begging from others, cajoling them,
Pestering them, troubling them
And then offering it to Jangama and linga is no good.
Making the body earn it, making the mind earn it
Even if it is just wild leaves and raw fruits,
Doing daasoha to Jangama and linga
By serving Jangama who comes you
Tired in body and mind is worhsip,
Holy offering to Chandeswaralinga
[Vachana No.1817] [1]

Nuliya Chandayya

Nuliya Chandayya was a Kaayakayogi who made rope out of grass or straw (rope maker). The belonged to a place called Shivanagi in Bijapur district Karnataka. Shoonyasampadane and other puranas there is a description of his loyalty to the work. He is a prominent member of the Anubhava Mantapa.

He made the Ishtalinga sell the rope. As a story goes, while washing hanks of grass fibre in a stream, his Ishtalinga fell into water. Then Chandayya turned indifferent to the Linga which had dropped off his Anga, and refused to take Him back even when the Linga implored him to accept. However, Chandayya accepted the Liñga on the condition that ‘He’ should help him in his Kayaka to which the Linga readily agreed and carried Chandayya’s ropes to the market for selling.

Hendada Marayya (another sharana) has dramatically portrayed in one of his vachanas about Chandayya’s great personality. Chandayya went to Uluvi with Chennabasavanna after the revolution of Kalyaana. After Chennabasavanna’s death he takes Akkanagamma to the banks of Yennahole where she died. He died at Nulenuru. It is learnt that there is a tomb to commemorate his death at that place. His 48 vachanas are extant with the signature Chandeshwara. All the vachanas uphold the rule of Kaayaka as compulsory to guru, linga and jangama. “Even for a guru Kaayaka gives liberation…., Even for Jangama kaayaka cuts the bond of pretenseion” are his words and they are examples of the importance he attached to kaayaka.

Can all those who hold a sword pierce?
Can all the boys who exercise fight?
Can all those who worship with affectation be good devotees?
That kind of act is not acceptable to
Channabasavannapriya Chandeshwaralinga
[Vachana No.1818] [1]


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