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Urilingadeva (ಉರಿಲಿಂಗದೇವ)

Full Name: Urilingadeva
Pen Name (Vachana Signature): Urilingapeddipriya Visveshwara.
Kāyaka (Occupation): Providing Ishtalinga Deeksha (Deeksha Guru)


A Lingavanta who knows linga,
His whole body is linga,
His words are the Vedas,
His way of life is all scriptures, mythology, aagama and history.
One shouldn’t argue with the words of such a great soul.
And hell is certain if one doubts his actions,
I bow down to be great soul who knows linga,
Urilingapeddipriya Visveshwara
[Vachana No.1581] [1]

Urilingadeva upheld the philosophy of Sharana-sati and linga-pati. He was a disciple of Shivalenka Manchanna who belonged to the guru tradition of Mahaalingadeva of Puligere. He provided Ishtalinga Deeksha to those who would desire to follow Lingayatism. He was a learned master well-versed in Sanskrit. He had the power of both confession and conversion.

As a story goes, Urilingadva converted a thief into a devotee. A thief by name Peddannna went to Urilinga deva’s house to rob him of the provisions brought from market for purpose of conducting a Ishtalinga deekshe ceremony. The thief Peddanna was thrilled to watch the ceremony, and forgot his purpose of thieving. On the contrary, he begged UnIingadeva of a Ishtalinga. But Urilingadva gave him a piece of stone and told him to worship ‘it’. Peddanna did so and the stone piece turned into Ishtalinga.

He was so devoted to his Ishtalinga that even when his opponents set his house on fire he was immersed in the worship. The dalit vachanakara, Urilingapeddi was his disciple. 48 vachanas are available in which Urilingadeva used his own name as signature. Simple language, gentle feeling and an intimate way of expression distinguish his writing.

Nectar should be nectar for all,
It cannot be poisen for some.
Thus, guru should be guru for all
Urilingapeddipriya Visveshwara.
[Vachana No.1543] [1]


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